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Contract Types in UK Job Market

There are the usual types of employment in the UK job market.

Along with full-time, salaried work there are several other options for employees in the labour market. (Job Trends in UK)

Part-time: Part-time work is particularly popular with foreign students, who often aim to combine such employment with their studies. Part-time jobs are commonly available in pubs, restaurants, shops and offices.

Temps: Temporary jobs are generally for a fixed period or may be intermittent. The hiring of temps is widespread among UK companies and it is quite easy to find such a job. There is usually high demand for secretarial and administrative office staff. If qualified doing temp work can actually earn you more money than working on a fixed contract. Other common temping jobs can be found in construction, gardening, shops (over the Christmas and sales periods), market research, modelling for art schools, cleaning, babysitting, etc.

Contractors: These are freelance workers specialized in fields such as engineering, accounting, electronics and computing. Some positions are very well paid and many IT professionals choose to contract as they can make twice as much or more than if they were in a full-time position. There are also positions which have the added bonus of being able to work from home; an attractive alternative for individuals looking for a better work/life balance.

Voluntary work: If you are unable to obtain a work permit, voluntary work is your only legal option to work in the UK (although you will still need an entry visa if you require one). Although unpaid, board and lodging is usually provided.

Be it part-time, temp, contract, or voluntary work, or full-time work, you will be able to find a form of employment that suits your purposes and needs. (Work Conditions in UK)


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