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How to Get a Job in the United Kingdom

“How to get a job in UK?” will seem like a question of yesterday once you’ve found courage and opportunity to advance your professional skills. There sure are many jobs available in the market but do you know which one is for you and what qualifies you as an alien with rare skills in order to get a work permit in UK if you’re not from an EU country? (Do You Need Permission to Work in UK?)

Online job services

How quickly you will be able to find work in the UK depends on the job market in your field, your credentials and whether you will have to be licensed or not, among other criteria. (Job Trends in UK)

A good way to start your search is by going to job banks and other online job services. To find a job in the UK, it is sometimes necessary to have your credentials, i.e. diplomas, degrees, certificates etc., evaluated in order to compare to UK standards. You might have to take additional assessments once you're in the UK, or get licensed to practice in your field by a UK regulatory body.

A hidden market

You don't have to wait for a job to be listed in the paper, or even posted on the company board, to apply for work at a company.

Go through the phone book and make a list of companies you'd like to work for. Call and ask if there are any positions available. Ask for the name of the human resources manager or the individual in charge of hiring for the area you are applying to.

Send a resume and direct it to the person in charge of hiring. Write a cover letter that expresses your interest in the company and why you'd like to work for them. Follow up several days later and ask for the individual. Tell them you're checking to see that they received your resume and ask if there are any positions that may become available.

If they are not hiring suggest you'll check back at another time. Often positions are made available unexpectedly and by keeping in contact (without pestering) you may be the first person that comes to mind.

This is not a secret. If you're not taking advantage, someone else will. You can't afford to miss out on making yourself known to employers BEFORE the job posting is made public.

Accessing this hidden job market may open up opportunities you never thought possible. By staying one step ahead of other job searchers you can be sure that your new job is just around the corner !

Using contacts

One way of finding a job is to ask your friends if they know of somewhere to work. Sometimes a friend working somewhere will know of someone else who is about to leave.

You may also have other contacts either in the UK or in your home country that can help you by giving you general advice, by checking your CV or application form, by introducing you to someone, or by writing a reference or a letter of recommendation for you. Think about the people who you know from your education, work or social life.

Most Popular Companies in UK

Each year, The Sunday Times publishes a list that acknowledges organizations applauded by their own employees for plus points such as being appreciated in the workplace and encouraging a supportive environment. The list began in 2001 and is overseen by personnel from Best Companies Limited, specialist consultants in workplace culture who survey the opinion of more than 130,000 employees throughout the UK to find out which companies top the polls as being the ideal place to work.

There are of course benefits to working for either a larger blue-chip company or a smaller, more independent workplace.


UK Jobs


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