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Cost of Living in the London

Estimates vary as to how much students should budget for, and London, like other cities, can be as expensive as personal taste dictates. (Housing in the United Kingdom)

Accommodation in international student halls provided by universities and colleges is the cheapest option, but demand for places is high. Rents in private properties depend on the quality of accommodation and the location: a flat in Zone 1 (central London) will cost a lot more than a shared house in Zone 3. You may find a room in a shared flat/house for around £400.00 per month, but the upper limit you could pay would depend on your budget and the location you want.

The following information estimates the average amounts of money students are likely to spend each week, including Christmas and Easter vacation but not including the long summer vacation. The estimates also include some essential expenditure at the start of your course, and a cash reserve for unexpected expenditure. You should not necessarily expect your own weekly budget to closely resemble any of the examples, although you should expect to spend at least as much overall.

Remember: There is a four-week break over Christmas and a four-week break over Easter. If you decide to go away, you will probably still have to pay for the accommodation. (Do You Need Permission to Work in UK?)

Weekly Expenses

Food -- £50.00
Travel -- £15.00
Study materials -- £30.00
Entertainment -- £40.00
Utilities (gas, electricity, telephone) -- £30.00
Other expenses -- £30.00
Weekly Total -- £195.00

Total of academic year (40 weeks) -- £7,800.00

40 weeks at £100.00 -- £4,000.00

Yearly Expenditure -- £11,800.00

It has been estimated that students will have other expenditure as follows:

Equipment at start of course -- £250.00
Books throughout academic year -- £300.00
Clothes throughout the year -- £350.00
Incidental expenditure -- £1,000.00

TOTAL PER YEAR -- £1,900.00

Source: Aaschool

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